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Copper IUD

Copper IUD

What is it?

The Copper IUD is a small plastic t-shaped device that in part is wrapped in copper. The device sits in the uterus and prevents pregnancy. It is considered a long acting reversible contraception (LARC).&nbsp It is 99.2% effective.

How does it work?

The copper IUD in the uterus causes changes that affect sperm transport so that pregnancy occurs very rarely. Copper ions in the uterus are toxic to sperm and decrease their ability to swim to meet and egg. The IUD does not affect ovulation.


• Long acting (can be left in place for up to five years)

• Effective and reversible

• Does not interfere with intercourse

• May reduce the risks of endometrial cancer

• No hormones


• May increase menstrual bleeding or menstrual cramping

• May cause irregular bleeding or spotting

• Perforation or infection of the uterus may occur at the time of insertion, this is rare.

• Insertion may be uncomfortable or painful

• May fall out of the uterus (up to 7% of users during the five years of use)

• Must be inserted by a health care professional.

• Should not be inserted in women who have an STI

• Does not protect against STIs

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