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Ask the Staff?

Ask the Staff?


Unfortuntaley we don't carry that tyoe of birth control. We have other options that you can come and explore or try Isalnd Sexaul Health Society. They have a larger selection than we do.

Our fees are on a sliding scale.

I took my pill an hour and a half late. I know once you pass 3 hours you're no longer protected. What are my risks? How much does the effectiveness rate go down ?

It is hard to determine the exact risk without knowing other personal information and details of the encounter. You are definitely at risk for becoming pregnant if you do not use back up method for the following 48 hrs. You may want to consider using emergency contraception as well.

I lost my birth control prescription during the move, is someone able to write me a new prescription at the clinic?

Yes you are more than welcome to and see us for a renewal. You will have to an intake and see a clinican.

test can I come in anytime, or is this only available at certain times?

Come on in anytime. :) It's best it is earlier in the day so we can be sure to fit you in.

and a swab test that came back negative, could I still be at risk for PID?

There is potential. The best thing to due would be to come in for a further review and pelvic exam.

I am covered for only a week after my scheduled appointment for the depo shot. I haven't gone to get it and its been a month since I missed my appointment but I've had unprotected sex for the last 5 consecutive days. How high is the chance that I could become pregnant ?

You are definitely at risk for becoming pregnant. To prevent pregnancy from your last 5 days of unprotected intercourse, I would recommend that you use Plan B and follow up to get your next depo shot.

I have the birth control Nexplanon in my arm but its broken. Does it affect the baby??

You are at a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy (outside the womb) and you should see your physcian immeditaley.  The side effects of ecotpic pregnancies are serious.

want to start hormones but live in Nanaimo. How long would it take to get started as travelling back and forth too often is not an option?

There is no set time/schedule and every person is different. It is probably best that you explore and access the transgender services in Nanaimo so you don't feel pressured by the travel.

We are unable to insert them here, but we can do the first of the two visits, which includes tesing for STIs and education around the IUD.

It is a plcae to get the conversation started. Come see us and we can go from there.

 A vaginal culture and sensitivty swab is done to test for those items. Feel free to come see us if you are concerned about any of the above.

Everytime me and my boyfriend have sex he always cums inside of me and i been feeling sick tired my boobs hurt kinda and i been having, white spotting and brownish spotting i been felling dizzy my.head hurts a lot and i want other food in the implant

Come in and see us for further assessment.

Is there a doctor there that deals with issue's about possibly being transgender?

We are a trans friendly clinic. Most of our doctors and nurses have specialized training and we have trans friendly counsellor as well.

After my appointment at planned parenthood my boyfriend and I had sex later that night. When we realized the condom broke we used a new one, there was no ejaculation. Am I still protected from pregnancy?

You are protected from pregnancy once you have 7 consecutive days worth of hormone pills in your system.

It is a kit that has a sterile tattooing needle, ink, gloves and sheet to put things on. Unfortunately we do not have any right now. AVI gave us some as part of a research study and we are waiting to hear back about results before we can offer more. 

STI testing at our clinic is always free. Even if you are not covered by MSP (governement health insurance). We recommend regular testing before every new partner or at a minimum once a year. If you have multiple partners testing is recommended every 3 months.

I haven't used it before and I don't know much on the details/options.

Hello!You have several options in Victoria.  You can come and see us at the clinic or you could go to Island Sexual Health.

I understand it was a pilot project but they said to check back mid to late summer

No, we don't have any yet.  We are hoping that they will be available in the fall... check in with us when you are next at the clinic.

my doctor a couple months ago that was covered by my medical insurance. Can I get another set of pills from the youth clinic?

You can choose to get your contraception from us instead if you like. We can provide you with a prescription or you can pay cash - it's generally $15 per pack. Just drop by and ask to see a nurse!

assessments free? I'm 16 and can't afford either one of these things and I don't want my parents finding out.

We do provide free menthal health assessments and counseling here at the clinic on a case by case basis and lack of funds shouldn't be a barrier.  The process is that you first meet with one of our docs and together you will decide what will support you best.All information is confidential.

So I was travelling and I had my birth control int luggage and my luggage ended up taking about a week. It's been 10 days so Cebu tooky last pill (on day 13 and now it's day 23 on my birth control) should I start now on the day or what? I'm be sure what I should do. Please let me know!Thanks

Hi, you have a few choices. You can start a new pack, or you can start on the date your pack states (day 23?) or you can wait until you menstruate to start a new pack. The main concern is that you will not have effective birth control until after you have taken the pill for 7 days (use condoms). As well, your cycle may be altered and/or you may get spotting. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to drop by!

but I was supposed to get them back on Friday but you guys are closed, do I need to wait until Monday or is there someone I can contact sooner?

Unfortunately, if we are closed, there is no access to patient files. Feel free to call us Monday-Thursday 11-6.

Yes, you need to see a nurse or doctor to obtain any new contraceptive prescription. If you have been coming to the clinic regulary to receive the NuvaRing and only need another one, you may be able to just pick one up.

We have no stock left. But you might want to check with Heather MacKenzie at AIDS Vancouver Island.

It definitely makes things easier, but it is not necessary. You can always call it in later. Alanna RNc

We have physicans who can monitor from a medical point of view, but if the person in question is already well connected with a doctor, another great resource is  They even have a specific youth action project. I hope this is helpful :)

We don't typically offer couples counselling, however, Citizens Counselling Centre does. They are on Kings Rd and can be reached at   ~~Alanna RNc

When warranted, a prescription can most definitely be written for you to take and have filled at a pharmacy.

Hi, we are a drop in clinic so feel free to come down Monday - Thursday between 11:00 - 18:00 to explore your options. ~~ Alanna RNc

about a week and so far I've gotten hives all over my arms and I have a major loss in appetite, should I see a doctor?

YES! Hives on the arms is not a typical reaction to birth control and it sounds like you are sensitive to something around you. It is best that you see a medical professional to work through this with you. If you are certain that it is the Alesse, I recommend stopping it and using another form of contraception, like condoms, until you can get this situation sorted out. ~~ Alanna RNc

I've been taking Alesse birth control for about a week and so far I've gotten hives all over my arms and I have a major loss in appetite, should I see a doctor?

Yes, please come in and have a doctor assess your situation as soon as possible. It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction.

"Shooting crystal meth" means to inject it into a vein. Coagulation is a term used to descirbe blood as it starts to form clots or become thicker.

Unfortunately our mandate is for those between the ages of 12-24 so we would not be able to see you at the Youth Clinic. However, there are private pracitioners in the community that do offer hormone readiness assessment. You could try contacting Vanessa Bailey :) ~~ Alanna RNc

(blood or urine), is there a particular day i should go to the clinic and is there a cost for any of these test?

Hi, great question! No cost associated with the pregnancy tests. We have someone here at the clinic to draw blood Wednesdays 11:30 - 13:30 or if you have a care card we can give you a requistion to do at a lab. Come down and see us.

If you have not yet met our amazing outreach worker Lorna, come down and speak with her. She may have some suggestions :)

Lots of ways to answer that. Come see us and speak with a nurse. :)

Hi! We have 2 psychiatrists that come twice a month. They see our patients who are referred in-house by our own physicians. If you happen to have a family doctor, they can refer to psychiatrists in the community. Come see us if you have more questions. :)

Is this something you can help me with or is a mother abusing her daughter too weird?

I'm sorry to hear about your past abuse. Not too weird at all!! Come see us and we'll help find appropriate supports.

What kind of support do you offer youth who have experienced abuse and are involved in self harm?

We are a holistic service. We have counselling services available to help you learn ways of managing the challenging feelings that sometimes come up after abuse.

We currently have one person who has done some extra training to do hormone readiness assessments however, she is not working at the clinic for a few months.

Access to MSP is confidential. :) 

No period after starting on the pill, what do I do?

Sometimes the pill  can change your pattern of bleeding. Some spotting in the first few months can be normal. The pill can make your period lighter.Women can get spotting or bleeding during pregnancy. We recommend that you come in and we can do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.

Can I come by for a mental health evaluation that suits my needs?

We have a variety of mental health supports available. We have doctors and counsellors and can also refer you to see a psychiatrist who works here. They will work with you to make a mental health plan for you.

That is assessed on a case by case basis. You can come and speak with a clinician. We'd love to see you. :)  Alanna RNc

You can get a pregnancy test from any pharmacy and you do not need a care card to purchase one. To access our clinic, you do not need a care card. 

If I'm not struggling with any housing situations or anything of that matter, can I still come to the clinic ?

Yes, you can access the clinic.  Today is Thursday and the clinic is open 3pm - 7pm.

ive never been to a youth clinic before and im scared, i have depression and tried to od on thursday, ive tried a few times and have a personality disorder and anxiety, i dont know what to do, i was wondering if there was any way i could talk to someone not in person first, like through texting or emailing?

Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. If you have thoughts of suicide you need to seek medical attention immediatly. We are here to help you,  all you need to do is come in and see us.  Please see our website for our hours of operation. Please note that we are closed December 19, 2014 - January 5th, 2015.If you don't feel ready to come in yet you can access  You can also text Youth Space at 778-783-0177 for help.We look forward to meeting you when you are ready.

What STI's will a urine test cover? What ones would require the swab? And what exactly is the process? How long abouts? Thank you!

You can be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia  with a urine test or swab.  During your assessment we will discuss your options for testing. If you are a woman we will also swab for yeast, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis once you have consented.Some STI's require a blood test.  We also have a lab technician with us on Wednesdays 11-130 pm if you want to get some testing done for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis .The clinic operates on a walk in basis.  Your assessment will probably only take 10-15 minutes. We look forward to helping you.

I'm at a point where I need to look into really figuring out whats going on and getting a diagnosis/mental health assessment done and maybe some medication. Could you help me access this?

Yes, we can help you.  Please come into the clinic at start the intake process.  We operate on a walk in basis.  You will need to come in for a mood assessment with one of our Physicians. Once you have been assessed we can link you up with the appropriate care providers.  See you soon.

I took morning after pills two months back and had my periods normally now my periods are a week late am I pregnant?

If you are concerned about pregnancy come to the clinic for a free pregnancy test.

Does coming here show up on my Medical records ?

We do keep medical records of our patients.  These records are confidential and will not be shared unless you sign consent to do so. 

I'm at the point where I feel like I can't take it anymore, and I am so scared,

By all means, please come and see us! We'd love to help you through this.

Great question! In Canada, the arm implant has not yet been approved. However, we do have some amazing intrauterine systems/devices (IUS/ IUD) that work really well. There is the Mirena IUS, that lasts 5 years. The Jaydess IUS last 3 years and the copper IUD that is good for 5 years. Come in so we can show what you they look like and discuss it further.

I am turning 19 soon and i have already been living on my own since i just turned 18 and have been paying for my rent and most of my expenses. I'm not ready, i'm scared about growing up and i need someone to help me.

Please come in and see us so we can help you navigate this transition.

It is up to the discretion of the of the clinician, but it usually isn't a problem to purchase several months worth at a time.

Feel free to come in and see us. We have access to lots of resources. :)

but the birth control from the pharmacy is expensive. Is there anything I can get for cheaper?

Yes, there are options for you. Why don't you drop in or call us and we will try and help you find an option that works best for you.

have had trouble accessing respectful care through walk-in clinics. any suggestions on where to go?

There are many great services in Victoria, it depends on what you are looking for. According to one of our staff who has spent a lot of time at walk-in clinics, she recommends the Westside Intergrated Health Center and the Shelbourne Medical Clinic. For reproductive health, the folks at Island Sexual Health are a resource as well. If you are looking for a GP, you can check the College of Physician and Surgeons of BC to see who may be accepting new patients.

Unfortunately, we don't have dental services here at the Youth Clinic. But, you can check out Cool-Aid Health Clinic and see if they can help as they have a low cost dental program there. Good luck!

No, sorry we aren't. We currently don't have funding that would allow us to be open on weekends. We are open Mondays and Thursdays from 3-7pm and Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11-3pm.

I need to get a mental health assessment done but I'm having a lot of trouble actually getting one done. Is there any way you could possibly help me with this?

Yes, We can help you attain a mental health assessment. Please come in during clinic hours and ask to see a Doctor.  We look forward to meeting you.

Is the clinic closed on BC day?

The clinic was closed on BC Day.  We are closed on Statutory holidays.

from depression and how can they be treated?

It can be a physcial complaint of depression. Getting good sleep, eating properly, exercising and medications can all help.

If you are not already a patient at the Youth Clinic, make a point to come and meet our team. After an assessment by the nurse or doctors, we would then be able to make a referral to a counsellor.

We do have Nuva rings and they are $17.

and chooses to live with an older sibling instead. As she is over 16 is this possible? Or can the police forcibly remove her and return her to a parent?

Because there are so many variables to the situation, ie; safety, will the parents surrender the 16 year old, the age of the other sibling etc it best to call MCFD and speak with someone who can answer your questions.

Hi my boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby weve been trying for a while already but no positive results is there any ways that I canget pregnant easier?...& were both 18.

Please come to the clinic and see us regarding family planning.  You and your boyfriend could come in for an assessment and we can provide some advice.

Do you guys prescribe/sell anxiety medication, or at least have someone who I can talk with about it?

Hello we of course manage clients mental health.  Please come into the clinic and see a Doctor. 

My daughter is self-harming and doesn't want to talk about it. What should I do?

We are here and willing to help support your daughter.  Please encourage her to come to the clinic and meet with us.  You are also welcome to call us during clinic hours.  If your daughter is suicidal after hours please take her to the Emergency Department at VGH.

when am i available to come in to get blood work done? like what days what time?

Please come in to the clinic for blood work on Wednesday's between 11- 1:30pm.

I was traveling for three days and forgot my birth control at home. I took plan b on my first day traveling to stay protected, but will I be protected right away when I get home and resume taking my birth control?

If you had unprotected sex after you took Plan B you are risk of becoming pregnant.  Once you start taking your birth control pills again you should use a back up method such as condoms for 7 days.  You are not protected immediatly with your birth control because of the 3 day break.  Please come into the clinic if you have any more questions reguarding birth control or pregnancy.

should i try and talk to her parents to let them know i see signs?

Good for you for being so attentive. Have you had any sort of discussion about your suspicions with your friend? That might be a good place to start. if you like, please feel free to come and see us at the clinic so we can provide you with some resources that you and your friend may benefit from. 

on the weekend and woke up not remembering anything later. Shes on plan B but im just wondering whether I should take her into the clinic just to be sure? what exactly can you do?

Wow, sounds like you are right on it! Yes, bring her down and we can do STI checks and counseling.

and I do not have a health card. Can I still come in if I wanted to get birth control?

Yes, of course! Come on down... no worries about being out of province.

Come see us if you need assistance. 

We don't insert IUDs at the clinic. However, we can write prescriptions for IUDs, do the education portion and STI testing at the Youth Clinic. Our friends at Island Sexual Health and The Vancouver Island Women's Clinic would be able to insert one for you.  

No, you can purchase Plan B from any pharmacy or our clinic without a care card. 

Yes, we do!  Just come on down and check in with our nurse.  We also have a lab tech here on Wednesdays if you need to have bloodwork done.See you soon!

and the clinic isn't open on Fridays so I don't know what to do...

If you haven't been seen yet, come on down. Check in with Alanna, our nurse.Plan B is available at the clinic and we can get you back on track with your Depo.

i know that you can't just believe everything that you see on the internet but when i look at the symptoms of bipolar depression and other things i can identify with nearly all of them. i don't want to ask my parents for help because im not very close with them and from my experience they have difficulty understanding thesetypes of things. can i get help?

Sounds like you should come in and talk with one of us! We are available to help you sort out these questions and help you get support.Self care is not selfish... it is acknowledging that you need some help and reaching out for it.  We are here for you.

because first time my boyfriend failed to withdraw and second time the condom ruptured. I guess it really messed up my cycle This month we had unprotected sex one day before my regular period but the morning I woke up(around six hours later) I used clear blue digital test found myself ovulated. So I took plan B again. It has been three days and every time I do the ovulating test it shows I am on ovulating period. I did research online and people said plan B only helps to prevent or delay egg release. Does it still work for me? Am I getting pregnant?

Plan B works in a number of ways:1 by stopping or delaying your ovaries from releasing an egg.2: It also thickens the cervical mucous resulting in trapping of sperm before it reaches the egg.3. by slowing the sperm and egg as they move down the tube.4. by preventing fertilization.5. By preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the the uterine lining. Good for you for taking Plan B. You can take it up to 5 days after unprotected intercourse, but it is more effective the sooner you take it. Come see us if you have anymore questions.         

I'm clinically diagnosed with ADHD and new to Vic. I'm finding the transition very difficult. It's going to take me months to see a GP or even a Psychiatrist. Can you help???

We serve all youth from age 12 up to and including 24. Come see us and we can help you find resources that maybe able to best assist you.

but I don't want to tell my parents.I'm not sure how to go about getting it, but I have read that I need to have a medicare card in order to get the contraception pill. Not sure if this is true? I'm really confused on all the misleading information I have been reading. Please help

You have come to the right place! We are definitly be able to help you without getting your parents involved or a cared card. Come see us.

I live a ways outta the city and don't wanna go and then get sent away for the third time

We certainly do, as long as you are between the ages of 12-24 :) Come meet our team, starting off with a visit with one of our doctors.

Come see us and meet our amazing doctors who can explore your concerns.

We can do it as a one - off, but it would be best to give us a call first so that we can ask some quick questions over the phone.

sex and it was unprotected. What happened was he couldn't fit it in my vagina so he stopped, but he didn't ejaculate or anything. Can I get pregnant ? Or am I okay ?

It sounds as though the risk for pregnancy is low. However, feel free to come in to discuss emergency contraception.

You can come in anytime for a pregnancy test, however, if you are wanting bloodwork, that is done on Wednesdays from 11:30-1:30.

but im from ontario, living in b.c would my abortion be covered by OHIP? or will i have to pay like 500$?

If you have a BC Care Card, which you are eligibel for after living her for 3 months, it will be covered. However, you can call the Vancouver Island Women's Clinic at 250-480-7338 to discuss your circumstances.

I just missed a period. I'm sexually active and my bf didn't pull out or wear a condom. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. is it normal to just miss a period??

There could be several contributing factors. Come see us to discuss. :)

We have sliding scale prices for our birth control.

You can come see us for blood work/HIV screening, and then we can navigate things together from there.

There is no fee for blood work if you have a BC Care Card or it is done here at our clinic. If you are looking to prevent pregnancy, taking Plan B would be a great option for you. Or if you and your boyfriend are trying to conceive, take a preg test around the time you are expecting your next period.

with my boyfriend and I think that im pregnant and my parents cant know unless im sure please help is there any way I could get tested at my school?

I don't knnow of any schools offering pregnancy test, however you can purchase one from a drug store for about $12-$15. Or come and see us at the clinic and we can test you there for free. 

The folks at Discovery Youth and Family Addiction Services would be an excellent resource for you. They serve youth up to age 19, and/or their families to reduce the harms associated with substance use. 

Absolutely! We are a confidential clinic. Come and see us and we will help guide you through this. 

They are usually free if you are covered by a MSP. If not, come see us anyways as you don't need a care card to access our clinic. 

No, it does not work that way. You must be a medical patient of the Youth Clinic and develop a relationship with our clinicians. After that has happened, and if a doctor determines that you are in need of an assessment, they will refer to our psychiatrist for a one time visit. Our psychiatrist comes to the clinic for a total of 6 hours/month, so the process to see her can take up to several months to get in. If you are in need of immediate help, there are other resources such as the crisis line that are able to assist.  

or Councillor has any experience dealing with transgender youth? I am needing to speak to someone but can't find anyone really.

Come and see one of our clinicians who can then refer you to our counsillor that does have experience in this area. 

It could be a number of things. Come and see us for further assessment/investigation.

If you do the "quick start" method - the birth control pill becomes effective once you have consistently had 7 days of hormone pills. Or, if you start the pill on THE FIRST day of you period, it is effective immediately. 

why do i get thrush from my meth using boyfreind..?

Please come in to see us at the Clinic.  Sounds like there is a lot going on in your life and we would like to offer you support.

I feel itchy around my vag. It's not the most inner part but most likely the outer part where the pubic hair grows. Moreover, it's annoying and sometimes it gets itchy between my anus and my vagina. What should I do?

It may be sign of a yeast infection, some of which need to be treated. When you experience the symptoms again, drop by the clinic and ask to see a nurse or doctor to get it checked out.

21 year old wondering if we serve infants?

The Victoria Youth Clinic only serves people between the age 12-24. Please keep your daughter on the waitlist for a Doctor and go to a family practice walk in clinic until you find a Doctor. Please call the the Victoria Health Unit at 250-388-2200 regarding infant immunizations. if you need to talk to someone reguarding the health of you infant and it is non emergent please try calling the Nurse Hotline at 8-1-1 from anywhere in BC. 

Does it hurt to get an iud? I'm on the pill and i gained a large amount of weight

Women report pain during insertion of an IUD.  This can be relieved by taking oral analgesics prior to insertion.  Please come in and see us, we can talk about your reported weight gain.

test and it was negative and yet I am still experiencing a sort of morning sickness and nausea throughout the day and abdominal discomfort, what kind on tests can a walk in clinic perform that is different from what I've already done?

There may be other reasons for these symptoms and through obtaining a history and doing an assessment, a clinician will be able to diagnose the issue. If you believe that you are pregnant, they will be able to give you a lab requisition for a blood draw.

Yes, you can see a nurse or Doctor to get a Depo Rx and then have it administered here.

She is in a very loving relationship but they have unprotected sex and use withdrawal as their form of birth control. She got a period for like 2 or 3 days but mid cycle. When her period was supposed to come it never came because she had this period mid cycle. Why would this happen? Could this be implantation bleeding?

There could be several reasons for this. We would need more details about other events in her life. Encourage her to come see us.

Does this mean that HIV can be present in and spread through saliva, or just that the relevant antibodies and not the actual virus are present in saliva?

The antibodies are present and if the result is positive, additional bloodwrok should be done to confirm. We have a lab technician here every Wednesday from 11:30-13:30 for bloodwork, come see us! :-)

There can be several factors that are effecting your normal schedule. Come down and see us to discuss further.

and we use withdrawl as our form of birth control. I am always have my period on day 28 but this month I has a 3 day spotting/bleeding on day 16 . Soon after I ovulated. I am now 3 days late for my period but I am not sure if I should of got it since I had that period mid cycle?? Could I be pregnant?

Yes, anytime you have unprotected sex you are at risk for getting pregnant. I would suggest that you do a pregnancy test and check. You can visit our clinic or another clinic and have it done or do a self test. We are also available for counseling also if you need to discuss.

That would be amazing!! Maybe one day, but not at this time.

There are 21 hormone pills in birth control packs. They may also include 7 days of placebo pills to help maintain routine and to serve as a reminder for when to start the next pack. 

After some check-in questions, that is definitely possible. Come on down and see us. :)

We sell birth control at the price we buy it at. As there is no longer a compassionate birth control program in Canada, we do request that you do your best to chip in for birth control. Condoms are always FREE and you can have an unlimited amount.

It depends on the situation. As long as there are no concerns, and at the discretion of the doctor or nurse, they can write prescriptions for up to a year.

and i go to the clinic where i live, if im in Victoria when i need a new pack of birth control what can i do to get it at a health clinic in victoria?

You can drop in and see us, fill out a form and see one of the clinicians. Be aware that we only carry 4 different types of pills and that we do not receive  subsidized founding for birth control the way some of the other clinics on the island do, so our prices may be a bit higher.

Yes, we do not share information with anyone unless you give us permission.

accidentally take two birth control pills in one day? (I want to start my next box of birth control pills on the same day as the package.)

Great question! There are no serious consquences with taking two birth control pills in one day. You should continue taking your pill as usual. For example, if you took the two pills on Monday, then you should take your pill at the usual time on Tuesday.

If it tests positive, then it is usually right. If it is negative, then sometimes it could be a false negative because it may have been taken too early. Best to have a nurse check it out for you and make sure!

Not common, but has happened. If you are worried, best to get it checked out!

Sometimes a pregnancy test is taken too early and will show as a negative result. A blood test is more accurate and can determine how far along a pregnancy is. Come on in and we'll help get this sorted out for you.

my mom has noticed a difference in my stomach and breast size, im a little worried. however, me and my bf had sex with a condom, only once this month, and im supposed to get my period soon, if it doesn't come, or is late, should I get a pregnancy test?

Come on in and see our nurse, Alanna! She can help answer these questions for you. Check out our new hours and note that we are at the downtown site only now.

he has a drug problem, but thats not the only issue,, he was diagnosed with a severe LD in Grade 1, and even attended Ledger house .. there they put him on Risperdal and Adderall.. I am afraid that his drug issue is going to cloud his disability issue. Our family doctor retired so we have no one that knows him before he was on drugs.. can he come in and see a doctor and get a note ?Apparently he needs one for temporary disability .

Yes, you can bring your son in to see us. Please check our hours above and have him come in during these times to see a doctor.We will help get all this sorted out for him.

but cannot find any resources in Victoria for transgender young people. I lack any health care right now but am wanting to find out about gender therapy or being referred for testosterone. I can find no where to turn for this and wondering if your clinic has any resources for this sort of thing or if you know of anywhere? Thanks so much guys, you all are incredible!

Hi! Yes, we can provide you with assessment, care and referrals for transgender therapy. I would recommend you drop by and ask to see a Doctor.

no one is helping me, not even my counselor and it's a year waiting list to see a psychiatrist. What do I do??! I haven't even been able to leave my house because I'm so afraid. I don't have any friends and I feel so alone and isolated, I need help before it's too late but no one hears me.

Well, first thing is that you can definitely come in and see us!  We can get you set up to see a counsellor and psychiatrist if needed.  Give us a call or drop in.  Please note our new times and hours and that we are now located at the downtown site.  We are here for you!

This was last Friday and I still haven't heard back and I'm just wondering if that's because it turned up negative or because you haven't recieved the information? Will you call/email no matter the result or only if the result is positive.

If we haven't contacted you then you should call us if you are worried. It may be that we haven't received the results yet, but always best to check in with us!

I have a couple of questions that I want fully answered, but it's hard for me to get downtown for extended periods of time.

It depends on how busy we are at the clinic as that will determine the length of time you will have to wait to see us. We have a doctor and nurse on staff, so usually the wait isn't too long. You can always give us a call before you come down and we can let you know how busy we are.

will I need parental consent to apply and get the oral contraceptive pills?

No, you do not need parental consent to receive a Rx for contraception managment. Come drop by and see us and we'll chat with you about all the options available to you.

and I take a pregnancy test and it comes back negative, is there a chance I could still be pregnant? could it be too early to detect it or?

Yes, it depends on the time between when you possibly conceived and when you tested and type of testing you did. I would recommend that you drop by and we can test you again.

at the beginning of the month, and I still haven't gotten it, but I haven't had sex in 2 and a half months, should I be worried?

It would still be a good idea to get a pregnancy test. There are many other reasons why your period may be late or altered. Sometimes it can be due to too much exercise, poor diet or stress. Or it can be related to something more serious. It would be a good idea to see a Doctor.

Wednesdays right when we open at 11:00 AM is your best bet to come to the clinic. The test itself takes approx 5 minutes. If you do not have enought time to wait and be seen by one of the clinicians, you can always go and purchase a home pregnancy test for approx $12 and do at your leisure.

and after i put on a condom she did it again but with the condom on.Will there be a chance that she is pregnant even if she wiped her hand on the bed sheets before doing it ?

Come down and see us to discuss further and we can go from there.

We do not perform abortions at our clinic. The Vancouver Island Women's clinic offers those servies. They will be able to answer your questions about costs.

The current guidelines say to have a pap three years after your first sexual experience, which includes oral and/or manual stimulation (fingering). Or, the age of 21, which ever comes first.

As long as neither of you have had ANY sexual contact, (including oral) with anyone else, your risk is very low.

It ranges between pharmacies, but usually between $30-$40.

You can always go to a walk in clinic. If it is for a sexual health related issue, Island Sexual Health located on 3960 Quadra Street provides similar services to ours. Check out their website

and im still on it now. I had intercourse with my boyfriend yesterday without using a condom, and also I was suppose to take my pill at 11:30 and it was about 1 or 2 when we did it. I was told that there was about a four hour period that is safe after taking the pill.. is this true? or do I need to get plan B?

If you have been taking your pill everyday for at least 7 days you should be fine. However, if you are on a progestin only pill (like Micronor) you only have a 2 hour window to take the pill. If it is out of the 2 hours window, you need to use a back up like Plan B.

(most likely the pill), do my parents have to be involved or even know?

We are a confidential clinic and your parents do not need to be aware. Sometimes patients are covered by their parent's medical insurance, but instead of involving the parents, the patients purchase pills directly from us.Pills are $10/pack for youth 17 years of age and under, and $15/pack for those 18 and over.

Do I need to get examined or what?

To get on contraception, you have to come down to the clinic and see a nurse or doctor. Through the intake process you'll be asked questions that will determine which pill may be a good fit for you. We always do a blood pressure and if you warranted, there may be some examinations suggested to be performed to provide optimal care.

but i was wondering if there are meetings for aa similar to that but more geared towards youth? I didn't like being a 19 year old in a room full of people over 50 talking how hard things are for them. It was kinda overwhelming and scary.

I can appreciate that it would be hard to relate to people that are at a different stage in their life. Discovery Youth and Family Addiction Services are geared towards youth age 13-19. They are a great organization. If you need any more informtion, please come down and see us.  

There is potential that it could happen. Come down and see us to discuss further. 

where can i find my number ?

You don't nee a carecard to access our services. A good place to find your number would be through a pharmacy where you have had a prescription filled previously or to contact BC MSP directly.

We do have counseling for our patients. You have to first come down and meet with either a nurse or doctor who will then assist in setting you up with one of our counsellors and make an appointment for you. 

If a clinician deems that a pregnancy tested is warranted, we do not charge our patients. If you buy them at the drug store, they can vary in price from approximately $10-$20.

yesterday and now it hurts to pee and there's blood in my pee. what should I do?

Come down and see us so we can investigate further and ensure your comfort.

is it covered by basic msp healthcare? I want to take it to reduce outbreaks but I dont think I can afford it :(

Unfortunately MSP does not cover cover this medication. The cost would depend on how many outbreaks/year you get and the dosage that is prescribed. A quick call to a local pharmacy estimated that supressive therapy for genital herpes could range from $130 - $260/month. A 3 day course of the anitvirals that you take at the time of outbreak would be about $26. Keep in mind that depending which pharmacy you go to, they charge varying dispensing fees.

My emotions feel numbed and sometimes i see little specs. It has been very difficult for me to learn new concepts and it has become harder to remember things. I am really scared that i may have it and if i do i don't know what i would do because i couldn't live with myself if i became mentally unstable.

Please come down and see us at the clinic so we can discuss this further. We would like to help you figure out what is causing you these new symptoms. 

Come in and see either a nurse or doctor and we can set up an appointment for you with one of our counsellors.

We see patients of both genders. However, our staff right now are all females.

, but I don't want to talk about it with my mom and can't afford anything too pricey, what is the cheapest form of birth control?

Oral birth control pills for girls 17 years of age and youger are $10/pack and for those 18 years and up it is $15/pack.Evra patches for girls under 17 are $10/box. $15/box for those 18 and up.Depo Provera injection for girls 17 and under $15/injection. For those 18 and older it is $30/injection.Nuva Ring is $17/ring - regardless of age.Plan B $15/package - regardless of age.On a case by case basis, the health care provider you see may make an exception. However, because we are a not for profit organization, the whole clinic benefits when patients are able to chip in any portion of the price of birth control.

Hi there,Thanks for your message, glad you contacted us. First off I'd say come down to see us here at the clinic, we're an absolutely confidential service, and have awesome nurses and doctors that you can talk with about whatever, and get checked out. The sooner you come in the better, we're open downtown today (Wed) 11-3 if you get this message.Downtown clinic we're open Mon 3-7pm, Wed 11-3pm, James Bay clinic we're open Tues & Thurs 3-7pm.As I said, we're a confidential service, and have great nurses and docs that are super understanding. If you have any questions give us a call. Hope to see you here soon. :)

available for those born in 1991-1993?

Yes. Come down to see us about this

Yes. Come and see us and we should be able to tell what is bothering you.

From us, it is $17/month. With a prescription to a pharmacy it will depend on dispensing fees and coverage through a benefit program.

i am 22 and i heard it is only given to girls 21 or under and that if you are over 21 it is 300 dollars! i cant afford that (i'm living on 50$ a month on a remote island where i earn about 50-75 dollars a month) do you offer the vaccine and do you have a reduced rate or is it always so expensive (my boyfriend thinks he has HPV so we havnt had sex because im too scarred)

Unfortunately at this point, the pharmaceutical companies are not offering any discounts for girls born before 1991. Girls born in 1991-1993 that were missed in the school immunization programs are eligeble to receive the Cervarix vaccine for free.

Absolutely!! Come on down and see us to get swabbed.

Unfortunately, our funding was cut to have a lab person at the James Bay site. However, there is a Life Labs that is in the same building and is open until 4:00 PM. If you do not have a Persoanl Health Number, it is best that you come to the downtown site to have blood work done so you are not charged the fees associated with the tests. As far as timing of the results, it is usually no more than a couple of days, but it can be dependent on what tests are done.

We were unable to find any studies between crystal meth and depo, but to the best of our knowledge, there are no contraindications and it should not effect the effectiveness of the depo. However, it is important to remember to take calcium and vitamin D supplements, especially if you are not eating a lot and/or are malnurished from the crystal meth. We would be more than happy to see you at the clinic. 

We are closed on all holidays but you can always get Plan B from a pharmacy without a prescription. Plan B is $15 from us.

And can i get it without my parents knowing?

You can definitely get Plan B without your parents knowing. If we are closed, you can get it from a pharmacy without a prescription. If you want to come down and speak with us about whether you should take it or not, we would be happy to see you.

That would be amazing if there is, but not that we know of. If you hear of one, please let us know :)

Too bad you missed the age range with us. There are lots of resources out there, but they are not necessarily "one stop shops" the way we are in terms of; family physicians, nurses, counselors, psychiatrists, outreach workers etc. If you are looking for sexual health related service, Island Sexual Health Society is a great place.

I don't have much time to come in. Do you still think i need to come in? Can I make an appointment?

There could be a number of things causing this, such as long or jagged fingernails or if your cervix is being roughly touched. You can drop in anytime we're open and we can see what the cause may be.

and although i dont get a period ...everytime i have sex, i bleed...for a couple days. I have an 11 month old and had the iud put in when she was 3 months old. I have no risks of STI - i am healthy and up to date on my paps. any ideas if this is normal?

It would be a good idea to come to the clinic to see a nurse or Doctor. Bleeding with intercourse can occur if your partner's penis is repeatedly hitting your cervix, however, it is unusual and should be checked out.

We always use condoms, plus I'm on a contraceptive pill (Levlen). I haven't missed a pill this month, but I am still very concerned because the condom split. Is there anything we could/ should do to ensure I don't get pregnant? Like are there other things I should take now as a precaution (morning after pill)? Thank you so much plz let me know Cos I'm stressing.

As long as you have been taking your birth control pill (Levlin) for at LEAST 7 days, at roughly the same time everyday and that you are not currently taking any antibiotics, you should be okay. If you are still concerned, you can go to any pharmacy in British Columbia and get Plan B (the morning after pill) from a pharmacist without a prescription. Remeber that it also a good idea idea to have regular testing for STIs, some can be done through urine samples.

my bf has ejaculated in me many times and I'm not on birth I pregnant?

That is definitely something that we should explore. Come down and see us so we can help you navigate your way through this.

and I'm on the depo shot. I was wondering if you know of any clinics in the Saanich area that would administer this shot for me?

Depending on where you are in Saanich, Island Sexual Health Society would definitely be able to provide that service for you. There are also many walk in clinics through out the Saanich area that could write you a prescription and administer depo provera for you.

I've done several pregnancy tests but I still haven't gotten my period. Can this be a side effect of the birth control? I'm really worried.

A change in period patterns can be a side effect of birth control, but if you are concerned, come in and see us and we can do some blood work to investigate further.

Over the last year I've put on a lot of weight. I don't own a scale and am concerned about how overweight I am. Do your doctors do body fat tests and provide weight loss help?

There are some assessments that we are able to do here as well as offer some basic weight loss advice. We are also able to refer you to outside resources if necessary. Come down and see us.

A pap test is recommended 3 years after your FIRST sexual experience (which can include oral sex) or at the age of 21, which ever comes first.

Depo Provera is $15 for those 17 and under, and $30 for those 18 and over. If finances are tight, a staff member may be able to waive the fee on a case by case basis.

That sounds like you've been having a rough go. Come on in and see us so we can do an assessment and proceed from there.

headaches/migraines & occasionally fevers...I feel the pain most likely where my right ovary is...I spoke with my sister who has had past experience with having cysts and I am worried that I possibly have a cyst and wondering what can be done about this?

There are a few different treatment options for simple ovarian cysts if they do not resolve on their own. However, based on your symptoms, I urge you to come in and see a Doctor as soon as possible to make sure there isn't a more serious problem causing your symptoms.

Therapeutic Abortions are covered under the BC Medical Services Plan. Parental consent is preferred, however, some youth may qualify for obtaining the procedure without parental consent. You can drop by the clinic any time for more information

Come on into the clinic so we can do some simple bloodwork and you can confirm your hep c status. At that time, (or if needed), we can also discuss options for you.

You can come to either clinic, although the downtown one is primarily for street-involved youth.  Both clinics are walk-in and we do not make appointments to see our docs or nurses.  If you want to see our counsellors or psychiatrist - these are appointment based.

We have a sliding scale charge for most birth control - depending on age and circumstance it can range from "compassionate" up to $30 - best to come on in and discuss with us

No, it is not a blood clot. Likely some mucous in with the blood. If you are concerned, come on in and see us to investigate further.

I am wondering if we are able to donate to you through the 2012 GCWCC (Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign). You have to be a registered charity though. Thanks.

Yes, we are a registered charity - you can call us and we can help you get this organized. Thanks for thinking of us!

Plan B is $15/package regardless of age. However, if finances are a problem, you can have a discussion with one of our team memebers to find a solution.

How much does it cost if you only want a very small amount removed?!

No, we see all youth who need health care

(im not on birth control) and he came inside of me.. what are the chances of me gettin pregnant?

The chances are less when you are menstruating, however, there is always a risk and protective measures should always be implemented. You can drop by the clinic at anytime for a pregnancy test or for more information on how to prevent pregnancy.

There are a number of different approaches to treating or coping with anxiety depending on the cause and severity of the anxiety. It can range from adequate nutrition to developing specific coping strategies to receiving counseling or medication. You can drop by the clinic any time and ask to see a Doctor who can then help you identify the cause and provide support and resources to help you treat the anxiety.

We have lots of volunteers who work with us.  Give us a call and we'll see if there is anything that might work.  You will need to have a criminal check and interview with us  beforehand.

Absolutely!  As long as you able to keep track of the days and know when to start your next pack.  If you have any questions, give us a call.

You are most welcome to come on down to the clinic and do a "pee" test so  that can see what is going on.  We have some meds, but can also give you a prescription if needed.

No, unfortunately.  You can have your dog stay outside while you are being seen.

Is there any way I could get some birth control for free or very low price? How much of a supply do you guys give out?

There are some types of contraception that can be provided for free. Our birth control pills are $10 per pack for youth 12-17 yrs age and $15/pack for youth older than 18yrs. We provide you with a month's supply at a time until you have been on the contraception for 3 months or longer. Thereafter, there are a few options available.

If the tight foreskin is causing problems (irritation, discomfort, redness, difficulty urinating etc) you should be seen by a Doctor. It is important that you are able to pull it back to properly cleanse the glans and under the foreskin to prevent infection.

but the other day I had a random blurp of clotted blood come out of my vagina. Is this serious?

If the blood was dark or old looking, then likely it is not a significant concern. If it was bright red, a large amount, you are at risk of being pregnant or you have any other symptoms (fever, abdominal pain or nausea) then you should see a doctor or nurse.

We can provide compassionate birth control for you if you don't have the resources to pay for it. Come on in and discuss this with our nurse and we will try and help.

We can give you a prescription to get an IUD. We don't have any here at the clinic and we do not insert them. You could try Island Sexual Health as another option.

my periods never last more then 4 days usually??

Sounds like you should come in and speak with one of our staff - it is hard to answer this without knowing the full history.

Yeast infections aren't considered sexually transmitted but the anal area is a common place for  people to get a yeast infection.  You should come on in and vist us so we can help answer any other questions for you.

It usually takes about a week for most of the resulst. HIV and Hep reesults take a bit longer.

Oh, that is scary for you when you are worrried. Come on in and see us and we'll get you tested and give you some counselling about what this might mean for you. We are very easy to talk to!

Should be okay, but if you are concerned, check with a pharmacist or give us a call at the clinic.

or are there varieties that suit different people's needs?

We have many different kinds of birth control options that we can discuss with you when you come in and see us.

Would this be a good place for me to go to have someone take a look at it?

Sure, you could come in and see us. We are not appointment based though, so you will have to wait your turn. If you want to make an appointment, you could call Island Sexual Health and they could check it out too.

We are a youth-friendly walk-in clinic!

It usually takes about a month before we get the pap results. If it is abnormal, we will call you and have you come in to talk about what other testing might be necessary.

My boyfriend and I are living off of his income only as we just moved here, I also do not have a care card because I am from Alberta.

Sounds like we can help you - come on in and we'll help you get a care card and we can offer you reduced rate for birth control. See you soon!

But i've been on time lately if my boyfriend wants to "cum inside me" , will i still get pregnant

Sounds like you've got some concerns... come on in and speak with our nurse and she'll help answer some of these questions for you.

early next year and I think my vaccinations from high school are out of date. Do you do Hep A/B, tetanus, etc?

Yes, we provide vaccinations. You can either drop in anytime to see what you might need or go directly to the Victoria Public Health Unit to get your vaccination record and get your vaccines there or bring your record to us and we can provide you with what you may need.Victoria Public Health Unit contact is below1947 Cook St. V8T 3P7 Victoria , British Columbia Canada Phone: 250-388-2200 

Yes, we do! Come on in and see us so that we can help. We have counsellors, physicians and psychiatrists on our team who can see you. We are a walk-in clinic, so please remember that you may have to wait a bit before being seen - but the wait is worth it.

It is always free to see the doctor at our clinic. STI screening is also free - if you don't have medical coverage and need help getting this sorted out, we can help you!

Yes, the Youth Clinic does offer Depo as an option for birth control. You are welcome to come on in and discuss this with one of our clinicians.

We have birth control available at reduced cost - we are a non-profit health clinic, and we don't get funding to allow for free birth control, unfortunately. However, if you are very low in funds, you can give us a donation to help cover some of the cost.

Yes, we do. You will need to speak with a clinician first though before it is dispensed to you.

Sounds like you should come in and see us so that we can answer these questions for you.

Sounds like you need to come in and see someone! We would be happy to go over any concerns you may have regarding your sexual health.

I used to go to a youth clinic in my hometown for birth control and it cost about 6/pkg. Does this clinic provide similar services? I am 19 and a university student and opted out of the health plan. Thanks!

We are not funded to provide free birth control, unfortunately, but you can get it at a reduced rate.

We offer birth control at a reduced rate. Unfortunately, we are not funded to provide free birth control. However, please come in and see us and we will do what we can to help.

Yes, you can come on in and see us and we will help you get the counselling and support that you are requesting.

Hmm... sounds like you need to talk to someone regarding this. Crystal meth causes all kinds of physical ailments and this could be one of them. Our clinicians would be pleased to help - come on in and see us soon.

Sounds like you need to see our nurse to get some sexual education advice. Come on in and see us and we would be happy to help answer your questions.

I have a series of warts on both of my feet. I really don't want to go to a normal clinic to get them checked out because I don't have a care card. Can I come in to get them looked at?

If you are between 12 and 24 years old you are welcome to come to either youth clinic without a care card. There is no cost. We are happy to look at your warts!

The Island Sexual Health clinic is located at Richmond and Ashgrove street. Their website is

I am worried i am pregnant,I took a test it came out negative. Although I still haven't had my period and I had unprotected sex... also I feel sick all the time now and certain food makes me sick. What should I do?

It would be a great idea to see a medical professional for another test. Sometimes the tests come out negative when its too early. There is also a blood test for pregnancy we can do. If you are not pregnant it would be a good idea to see a medical professional to find out what is going on.

I think I might be depressed and I've been self harming, but I don't want my parents to find out. Can you help me?

It sounds like you are having a tough time. You can come to our clinic or other medical professionals without your parents having to know. You are able to give consent for your own medical treatment no matter how old you are. Our only legal responsibility is to report when we are really very worried about your safety. Its great that you want to get some help and you are more than welcome to come and see us anytime.

what do i do about needing an abortion can you guys do it?

We can help you get an abortion but we don't actually do them. The clinic in town that does them is called the Vancouver Island Woments Clinic. You are welcome to come and see us about pregnancy tests and counselling though!

and I need surgery?

If your problem is urgent then you should go to the emergency department. If the problem can wait then you should see a doctor who can refer you to a surgeon to have the surgery. You are welcome to come drop in to the youth clinic to see one of the doctors!

to get birth control?

We are a drop-in clinic so there are no appointments! Our Downtown clinic is open Mondays and Wednesdays 3-7pm and our James Bay Clinic is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-8pm

that aren't related to sex?

At the Victoria Youth Clinic we can help you with all health related concerns, not just sexual health. Drop by during clinic hours to see a doctor or nurse.

to be able to live with me and our son he has been on the waiting list to get a assessment for 7 months now and we were told by our social worker that you may be able to help get this sped up a bit?

Hi, I'm not sure if we will be able to speed up the process, but you are most welcome to come to the clinic to talk about what is going on and if there is any way we can help. Feel free to call the outreach worker at 250 818 0897 to discuss!

big enough for the tip of my finger to fit in, what could this be?

That sounds painful! It would be important to have a health professional do an exam to see what is going on. We are happy to have you come down to the Youth Clinic during clinic hours or you can follow up with any doctor or nurse.

I'm really conscience and was wonderng if you can help me with this?

Thank you for your question! There are lots of variations on normal labia minora. It would be great if you could come to the Youth Clinic to have a discussion with us about it. There are some options that we can discuss. Hope to see you soon.

She is 19 and was registered at UVic, but never really went to classes. Now the semester is over and she goes out almost every night to clubs. I don't know where she gets the money. Often she doesn't come home. There is tension at home. She says she wants to move out and her mother and I feel that would be best, but we're also afraid that she might end up homeless and desperate. She says she is looking for work, but I doubt her sincerity. Any suggestions?

Sounds like a difficult situation. Supporting our youth as they get older can be very challenging, especially if we are worried about the choices they are making. We are more than happy to talk confidentially with your daughter if she would like support from our staff. However, it may be helpful to get some support for yourself. The Boys & Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria has a great program about parenting teens. Jan Townsend is the Program Facilitator and her number is 250.384.9133 ext 213. Their website is

Our clinic is confidential within the limits of the law. You are welcome to come and see us and provide whatever name you like but we encourage you to use your name, birthday and care card number!

Yes, we do. Feel free to come in and discuss with our doctor/nurse to help you decide on the best option for you.

It depends on what you want to do! We have doctors, nurses, outreach worker, manager and volunteers here. You are welcome to come in and talk with us if you are interested in being a volunteer or send us your resume if you are a professional interested in joining our team.

I have a history of cervical dysplasia and haven't had a check up since my LEEP in 2008...

Great question! It is very important that you get another pap exam. Are you living in Victoria? Please call us on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon/evening at 250-388-7841

We currently don't have any positions that are open with our clinical staff. If you are interested in volunteering - come in and have a chat with us!

Yes, we do have the Depo Provera contraceptive shot! We are non-profit and can provide it at low cost. Come on down or call us!

It sounds like she needs to come in and talk with someone! Tell her to come on in and we'll see what we can do to help. We have a counsellor here on Tuesdays, but she should come in an speak with a doctor or nurse first.

We are a non-profit clinic and can provide some birth control for free if you have no money at all. We can't afford to give free birth to everyone though and appreciate even a donation to the clinic.

Youth Detox is here in Victoria. We cannot give out the address as it is at a confidential site. Let us know if you are interested in going there and we can help get things set up for you.

should i still get it looked at by a doctor, or just let it heal?

I would recommend getting checked out by a nurse or doctor!

Thanks for your question! That sounds really uncomfortable. I would recommend getting examined by a nurse or doctor. In the mean time you can try peeing in the shower and that might be less painful.

Thats a great question! Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). It is most commonly found at the mouth or the genital region. HSV is passed from skin to skin contact from a person who has the virus. It is often very difficult to tell where someone got HSV. Most commonly it is from mouth to mouth or mouth to genitals or genitals to genitals. Come on in to the clinic to get more info!! Check out this link.

The Youth Clinic provides does provide some one on one counseling. If you come down to the clinic we can meet with you discuss some counseling!

Hello! If you are in Victoria and under 25 years old you can come to the Victoria Youth Clinic.You can also book an appointment with Island Sexual Health  

We are not funded to provide free birth control, BUT if you are unable to pay we will definitely help you out.

Sounds like you have a lot going on.... come on in and see us or call!

Sorry! We are only funded to provide care to youth aged 12-24. There are other options for you - call us and we can direct you to another clinic.

We are a confidential clinic - that means we do not disclose any information unless you advise us that it is okay.

Scratching, burning, itching, squirming...

How many times have you been to the Youth Clinic?:

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.

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