Q: How much does birth control cost?

 A: Our prices are on a sliding scale. We are a non-profit clinic and can provide some birth control for free if you have no money at all. We can't afford to give free birth to everyone though and appreciate even a donation to the clinic. 

Q: I recently moved to Victoria and don't have a family doctor yet, do i need one to see you?

 A: Nope! You are more than welcome to to see one of our Doctors 

Q: I think i might have a UTI, do you have medication for that?

 A: You are most welcome to come on down to the clinic and do a "pee" test so that can see what is going on. We have some meds, but can also give you a prescription if needed  

Q: What can be done about my anxiety?

 A: There are a number of different approaches to treating or coping with anxiety depending on the cause and severity of the anxiety. It can range from adequate nutrition to developing specific coping strategies to receiving counseling or medication. You can drop by the clinic any time and ask to see a clinician who can then help you identify the cause and provide support and resources to help you treat the anxiety. 

Q: Is the Plan B pill free?

 A: Plan B is $15/package regardless of age. However, if finances are a problem, you can have a discussion with one of our team memebers to find a solution 

Q: How can i tell if i have a Sexually Transmitted Infection?

A: Scratching, burning, itching, squirming... 

Q: Where is the Youth Detox?

 A: Youth Detox is here in Victoria. We cannot give out the address as it is at a confidential site. Let us know if you are interested in going there and we can help get things set up for you 

Q: I think I might be depressed and I've been self harming, but I don't want my parents to find out

 A: It sounds like you are having a tough time. You can come to our clinic or any other mental healthl professionals without your parents having to know. You are able to give consent for your own medical treatment no matter how old you are. Our only legal responsibility is to report when we are really very worried about your safety. Its great that you want to get some help and you are more than welcome to come and see us anytime. . 

Q: What do i do about needing an abortion, can you guys do it?

 A: We can help you get an abortion but we don't actually do them. The clinic in town that does them is called the Vancouver Island Woments Clinic. http://www.viwomensclinic.ca/ You are welcome to come and see us about pregnancy tests and counselling though! 

Q: I am looking for help with my substance use , can you help?

 A: Yes, you can come on in and see us and we will help you get the counselling and support that you are requesting. 

Q: Do you guys have gender affirming care?

A: Our team specializes in areas of gender. Come and see us! 

Q: My daughter is self-harming and doesn't want to talk about it. What should I do?

A:  We are here and willing to help support your daughter. Please encourage her to come to the clinic and meet with us. You are also welcome to call us during clinic hours. If your daughter is suicidal after hours please call the Vancouver Island Crisis line at 1-888-494-3888 or take her to the nearest Emergency Department