The Youth Clinic is dedicated to creating a safe place for youth to share difficult health issues. We are a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, counsellors, psychiatrists,outreach worker, office assistants, volunteers and executive director. 

We provide an integrative approach to primary health care for youth ages 12 to 24, helping with testing, treatment, counselling and referrals to agencies or specialists.

In addition to our clinical care, we are a teaching and research site, so we often have medical students, medical residents, and sometimes people from other community organizations learning at our clinic.

You, the parents, friends or family of our youth clients, are a great resource for us. We value your knowledge and we appreciate your input. If at any time you have questions, suggestions or information, please call us or email us. Please keep in mind that most of the youth we see are competent to provide consent for treatment, and that absolute confidentiality is essential to good quality care. However, if you have questions we can discuss treatment with you if we have consent from the youth, or we can discuss general principals of treating health issues. Remember that we value your help and advice at all times and want to hear from you.

The Youth Clinic Team